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ดูราโซนิค เอเชีย บจก.


ดูราโซนิค เอเชีย บจก.
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ต. ราชาเทวะ อ. บางพลี จ. สมุทรปราการ 10540
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ประเภท ท่อ

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รหัสสินค้า :Tubular-Type



  • Anti-corrosion

    Since tubular transducer prevents standing weve, the corrosion damage is much lower than that of conventional transducer Minimize Standing Wave

  • Wide cavitation

    Since the cavitation occurs on all surround of the tube, ultrasonic energy distribution in the tank is very uniform, which lead excellent cleaning effect

  • Stability of power

    The output power of the tubular transducer does not affected by depth of solution, capacity of bath, temperature and so on Merit For Cleaning Vacuum and High Pressure

  • Versatility of application

    Taking advantage of structural feature of tubular, the application range is wider than that of conventional transducer, It is best matched to vacuum and high pressure cleaning, also for chemical processing

  • Installation

    The round shape makes it possible to install very simply in every place so that the designing of the bath is simple

  • Watertight

    The tube structure guarantees the merit of watertight fundamentally

  • Lifetime

    One and half or two times of lifetime can be maintained compared to conventional transducer


Watts 600 900 1200
28kHz Model TU-28-600 TU-28-900 TU-28-1200
Tubular Transducer 76*3TL*310 76*3T*L460 76*3T*L580
40kHz Model TU-40-600 TU-40-900 TU-40-1200
Tubular Transducer 60*2.8T*L310 60*2.8T*L460 60*2.8T*L580



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